Christian Civic League of Maine

2016 Voter Guide

Maine House of Representatives District 107

Anne Amadon

Anne Amadon (Republican)

A note about the candidate:

All of Ms. Amadon's positions and comments come from the 2016 CCL Candidate Survey.

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"Support repeal"- Anne Amadon
"No, we already pay enough taxes. The people in this category are, for the most part, our doctors, dentists, lawyers, and business owners. We have enough problems attracting them to come to Maine with our high COL. Also- Is it right that 99-99% of Mainers decide the tax fate of the 1-2%? Are we not a republic and not a democracy?"- Anne Amadon
"This is basic economics."- Anne Amadon
"Perhaps, if it is written to actually protect religious freedoms without all the loopholes."- Anne Amadon
"Our Maine Constitution is very clear on our rights to own guns and to protect ourselves. Criminals do not follow laws, only law abiding citizens will be affected by this."- Anne Amadon
"Exactly why I would like to support school choice."- Anne Amadon