Christian Civic League of Maine

2016 Voter Guide

Maine Senate District 5

Brett Baber

Brett Baber (Republican)

A note about the candidate:

All of Mr. Baber's positions and comments come from the 2016 CCL Candidate Survey.

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"I support the repeal of the PPACT."- Brett Baber
"This subject needs more study under the circumstances presented in Maine."-Brett Baber
"I oppose this tax. We can restructure government to raise more than enough funds to avoid creating another deterrent to the accrual of wealth in Maine – wealth that is necessary to promote a good economic climate for all."- Brett Baber
"I oppose expanding state sponsored gaming."- Brett Baber
"I oppose increasing the minimum wage in Maine. An increase in the minimum wage should be accomplished at the federal level. Otherwise, Maine will be at a serious disadvantage when compared to other states with lower minimum wages."- Brett Baber
"I support such legislation."- Brett Baber
"I oppose public funding for Planned Parenthood as P.P. provides abortion on demand."- Brett Baber
"I support parental consent for minors to obtain an abortion."- Brett Baber
"I oppose the withdrawal of federal funds."- Brett Baber