Christian Civic League of Maine

2016 Voter Guide

Maine House of Representatives District 132

David Edsall

David Edsall (Republican)

A note about the candidate:

All of Mr. Edsall's positions and comments come from the 2016 CCL Candidate Survey.

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"I oppose abortion morally and would vote to restrict abortions much more than is allowed now. But since we do not have a definitive scientific proof when a fetus becomes a human person, I don’t feel comfortable imposing my belief on others. I think Roe V Wade got it about right at 20 weeks ( for the 1970’s) is the turning point. With medical advances I think we should adjust that to 15 weeks."- David Edsall
"Repeal and replace with a merit based system that measures true outcome in a broad array of outcomes. We are upset about 280 annual opioid deaths much of which is from medical errors: Correct diagnosis, Correct therapy administered Correctly should be the focus. This is only a small part of the much larger problem of 1200 Maine deaths and 10,000 serious PREVENTABLE injuries from medical errors. The legislature is rightly concerned and there are many examples of good bills that they can pass but practicing medicine by legislation is the wrong approach. The $1T spend annually on our errors can be eliminated by the practice of Quality Improvement, usually also done incorrectly. COPQ the cost of poor quality is poorly understood. I have been an expert in this area since I took a course from W Edwards Demming in 1990. I have lectured in over 30 states, 5 countries and many medical societies. I practice what I preach with some of the best results in Anesthesiology for my department when I was chairperson. Bad quality costs burnout, stress, lawsuits, and expensive treatments. It drives clients to seek out useless alternative treatments. The USA is #1 in quality. It is false to say we are #20. We are #20-30 in health of the population but in every measure of healthcare we are usually #1 i.e. Wound infections after surgery we are 1.3 %. No other country is < 2%. For cancer and heart attack survival and dozens of other measures of care, we are #1,2 or3. The only other way to control cost is rationing which is what the rest of the world does and Obama care is trying to do."- David Edsall
"Strongly support choice including for religious schools. There is no separation of church and state. There is a constitutional prohibition at restricting or promoting a particular religion so choice for all religious schools is fair and equal and should be allowed. They do a better job for less money. Choice is about education not religion, unions, teachers or schools."- David Edsall
"This will make me spend less on my boat or less on my yard care workers. The top 1% pays way more than their fair share (35%). They pay more in sales tax since they buy more goods. They use less public services . The top 10% pay 70%of the taxes. $1Tril is taken from the 1% and goes to the bottom 40%. This creates the entitled class because they have no skin in the game. "Tax others is fine as long as I don't have to pay" is wrong. In "Rich States - Poor States" "the higher the total taxes ( sales , income, total fees, property) the higher the unemployment and the lower the wages. We are a high tax state and in a great part that accounts for our low economy. What makes a rich society is where all participate in the society. We must create opportunity for all to participate. When the rich are treated unfairly they leave like in Maryland and Montreal. The poor can't. Sales tax should be progressive not regressive. No tax on nutritious food and 200 gal of gas, etc. Tax all other sales equally. This is not my firm opinion I am an expert in quality medicine not taxes."- David Edsall
"This is legal activity and like pot it is your right to make bad choices. It is a far more transparent and fair way for the state to raise revenue."- David Edsall
"My whole approach to any law is like to a patient, What is the problem first. Then what is the best solution that does little to no harm. The problem is the loss of middle income jobs. Maine should learn from other states that raising the minimum wage suppresses the economy and delays entry into the job market. Again Read Rich states Poor states and do the things that make societies rich. Minimum wage is not a goal for a life sustaining income. It is for early entry into the work force and then move up. Raising minimum wage delays entry & delays the development of a work ethic. This gets them into the entitled mentality. Focus on middle class issues and all parts of societies will flourish and the minimum wagers can move up. I started as a bus boy at age 14. Then I became a waiter then shoe shop then Army, then doctor. Early welfare traps you. Kudos to those great people who were able to get out of the trap. Most of those who do get off are those who underwent hardship and ended up with the help that welfare is intended to and should give."- David Edsall
"I don’t know enough about it I am wary of a religious bill from Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer. I need more info. One should not be forced to do something against your religious belief. If you take an oath of office you have a duty to uphold that oath and duties of your office and not promote your religious beliefs."- David Edsall
"The Women’s health issue is a ruse there are plenty of sources to receive women’s health. Planned Parenthood is about abortions and to a lesser degree Parenthood only from the point of pregnancy control. Nothing about being a parent.. I used to work for them ( in the 1970”s) Their dishonesty disqualifies them from public funds."- David Edsall
"Oppose unless the person is an emancipated minor."- David Edsall
"You are free to make stupid choices. I have never used it. It is not the government job to protect you from yourself. I am not aware of pot smokers who are causing serious harm except if they make it accessible to children. Pot sweets should be banned with serious penalties to those who through carelessness make it available minors. You live your life the way you want but do not harm others in your choices. Fear of potential problems is no reason to restrict freedom. I see no data of harm to others from taking something that is only harmful to you. But no government money to support you! Chill out, tune out if you want. Of all the abused chemicals POT is the least harmful. We spend too much time on this issue."- David Edsall
"What is the problem being solved on the backs of law abiding citizens? It is already illegal to make a private sale of a gun to an out of state person. You can’t legally buy a gun on the internet or at a Maine gun show without a background check. If they break those laws then this law will do what? Is there one case of a private sale to a Mainer that has resulted in a crime? I have bought two guns at gun shows and had a background check done both times. So where is the problem that this bill is wasting our time on? As with medicine we need to identify the problem to have correct solutions. #3 does neither. I have heard of none. I am in favor of background checks that work. But San Bernadino, Orlando, Gabby Giffords, the Georgia Church all passed background checks. Who thinks the proposition #3 would have stopped the Sandy Hook Killer from killing his mother and stealing her gun? Banning the lending of my gun to my cousin or friend while hunting is not a solution. The problem is hand guns in parts of 4 cities that’s it. So no or very small problem that this solution creates far more harm turning thousands of law abiding citizens into felons. Take out the word “ transfer” and I would vote for it. The press creates a large part of the problem of mass shootings by making famous the names of these disgusting low lives. Shame these losers. Don't make them famous inducing copy cats."- David Edsall
"What is the problem being addressed. How frequent does this occur.? What is the harm in attending the bathroom that correctly identifies your DNA? The solution causes more harm than good."- David Edsall