Christian Civic League of Maine

2016 Voter Guide

Maine House of Representatives District 41

Erik Jorgensen

Erik Jorgensen (Democrat)

A note about the candidate:

All of Rep. Jorgensen's positions and comments come from the 2016 CCL Candidate Survey.

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"I support our current laws regarding abortion and choice. I would like to see abortion used as infrequently as possible, and Maine’s low rate of unintentional pregnancies is a testament to educational and reproductive health care policies that are working."- Erik Jorgensen
"Absolutely opposed to repeal. I am glad I have choice in terms of physicians, I am glad that pre-existing conditions are covered, I’m glad that young people are able to be covered under their parents’ policies, and I appreciate efforts to control costs. For the life of me, I don’t understand why this has been so maligned by the Republicans, who, after designing the program when it was proposed by Governor Romney, have fought it every step of the way. I appreciate that Obamacare exists, though I don’t think our current “free market” health insurance system is sustainable in the long run and that we are going to need to move in the direction of virtually every other developed country in terms of providing better, possibly single-payer, health care. In the meantime, Maine should expand Maine Care to help reduce the number of uninsured people – charity care is killing our hospitals, and 70,000 mainers are currently unable to afford health insurance. That, along with persistent an increasing hunger, is a moral problem."- Erik Jorgensen
"No – we cannot adequately fund the public schools and the public charter schools we currently have – we should not be funding private schools with public dollars in addition."- Erik Jorgensen
"Maine has failed to fund its schools as mandated by the voters, preferring tax cuts to following the law. While I don’t really like this particular proposal and funding mechanism, I will be supporting it."- Erik Jorgensen
"I don’t like gambling, and generally oppose expansion, though I have supported and may continue to support casinos that will directly benefit Maine’s Indian tribes, which I think have been repeatedly mistreated in the whole casino proposition. When the tribes asked for gaming, their proposals were defeated. But what ultimately passed did almost nothing to benefit them. We now have casino gambling, like it or not, and I think that the state has sold itself very short on licensure and other potential aspects that could at least turn the casino facilities into better overall tourism products."- Erik Jorgensen
"I support public funding for these health care providers, which provide a wide range of essential services."- Erik Jorgensen
"I am comfortable with the current law."- Erik Jorgensen
"I’m not sure that it’s a good idea. It’s a popular issue in my district and I have supported it in Augusta and certainly support sending it to the voters, however. I will personally be voting no. I support decriminalization of marijuana – I don’t think people should be in jail for using or possessing it, but I think that there are social costs to all legal recreational drugs."- Erik Jorgensen
"I support this. I don’t believe it is an infringement on the 2nd Amendment and think that background checks work. I will be following the advice of the Maine chiefs of police."- Erik Jorgensen
"Public schools need to comply with the law. There is absolutely no evidence – none- that transgender people cause any sort of sexual misconduct. Leave them alone."-Erik Jorgensen