Christian Civic League of Maine

2016 Voter Guide

Maine Senate District 14

Joseph Pietroski

Joseph Pietroski (Independent)

A note about the candidate:

All of Mr. Pietroski's positions and comments come from the 2016 CCL Candidate Survey.

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"Personally do not support abortion, except in cases affecting health of mother, incest, rape, etc. However, I also believe decision is an individual's decision."- Joseph Pietroski
"We must amend this act. Everyone should have access to affordable health care. I would increase employee/employer taxes to provide a medicare system to all."- Joseph Pietroski
"As a school board member it is difficult to absorb the loss of state funds when students go to schools outside the district, but my answer is yes. Parents have a right to do what is best for their children."- Joseph Pietroski
"The legislature and two governors have failed to follow the vote of the people to fund at 55%; so I am likely to vote in favor."- Joseph Pietroski
"Opposed to new casinos. We have adequate gambling opportunities now."- Joseph Pietroski
"Long overdue; Legislature should have done this years ago."- Joseph Pietroski
"Not familiar with act. Do support religious freedoms. As a school board member, I have consistently supported the freedom of religion."- Joseph Pietroski
"Support- because of education programs they provide for, which many have no alternative source of birth control information. Personally know of their programs through my experience on United Way funding committee."- Joseph Pietroski
"Depends on circumstances. For rape, incest, or medical necessity no! Otherwise support for those under 16."- Joseph Pietroski
"Personally am concerned about its passage; at the same time prefer its regulation like alcohol. I expect this to pass."- Joseph Pietroski
"Very poorly written; legislature again failed us when a rewrite to just focus on background checks for actual sales was possible. As presented Question 3 goes too far. My vote is no."- Joseph Pietroski
"Must follow law of the land. If after appeals Supreme Court says yes, then that is the law of [the] land."- Joseph Pietroski