Christian Civic League of Maine

2016 Voter Guide

Maine House of Representatives District 142

LeeAnn Betz

LeeAnn Betz (Democrat)

A note about the candidate:

All of Ms. Betz's positions and comments come from the 2016 CCL Candidate Survey.

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"I would prefer there to be no need for abortion, however if a woman has determined a need I do not have the right to superimpose my will over hers."- LeeAnn Betz
"No- we need to work to expand it and work toward a single party payer and make it for all regardless of age or finances."- LeeAnn Betz
"Yes, in larger systems as long as it is a transfer from one public school to another. Otherwise those wanting a parochial system should choose or establish one for their child."- LeeAnnBetz
"This seems like a good idea. I would extend it through for college."- LeeAnn Betz
Ms. Betz provided an in-depth comment to this question, which could not fit on this survey. Please contact the League if you would like the full text.
"Yes, I would do it faster and higher."- LeeAnn Betz
"If you are talking about freedom of Religion- Separation of Church and State as outlined in the Constitution- Yes. If imposing personal bigotry and prejudices into law- then no, I don't. After all, I am a Christian."- LeeAnn Betz
"Support as these organizations have reduced the need for abortions as well as having met woman's health needs across the board."- LeeAnn Betz
"This is tough. If the need is so great (including age & mental state), if the girl has parents obstructing the need, the court should appoint an ombudsman."- LeeAnn Betz
"I really don't care one way or the other. I don't believe marijuana is a gateway to more dangerous stuff. I do see the hypocrisy with the existence of state agency liquor stores."- LeeAnn Betz
"Why not? If a background check threatens someone, they probably shouldn't have it. Families tend to be more inclined to not negate a sale or trade to someone mentally unstable. But who would ever know. Background checks in any case should not be something that has become an issue. It should just be."- LeeAnn Betz
"If the school system and parents have become hysterical and irrational, then intervention has to come from the outside. Discrimination and bigotry are not acceptable anywhere."- LeeAnn Betz